Budget Friendly Self-Care

Did you know that your environment often reflects what is going on with you internally?

Over the years I have learned the importance of making my space/environment uplifting and positive. That's perhaps one of the reasons why I love designing phone wallpapers because it helps me keep that positivity while on the go.

One of the ways that I make my environment uplifting and positive is by utilizing phrases given to me or ones I have given myself and I place them throughout my house and spaces that I frequent.

For example, at work I will often write a phrase on a sticky note and place it on my laptop, desktop or desk.

I also love creating positive playlists and playing them in the morning or at night. "Okay, Google" is my best friend whether she knows it or not...HA! - weird I was proofreading and she heard me and replied "okay I will remember that" - Currently my favourites are YouVersion Rest and anything by the artist Samy Galí.

However, what I really enjoy doing is improving my space through decor, especially DIY decor! 

So I want to share with you a budget friendly way to improve your space.

I wish I had a before picture...but I don't or perhaps I am just too lazy to go digging for it...HA! So you will have to visualize it with your imagination. 

Basically before in this space I had my diploma, a picture of myself from a campaign I was featured in and a prayer map of Canada...yes those things exist and of course I would have one.

So none of those items are bad to have around to help remind you of your accomplishments. However, for personal reasons I decided to move them to a different space.

Moving along.


ITEM #1 - Letter Board (Dollarama)

So I got this letter board from Dollarama. They have a variety to choose from and I think they are like $3.00.

You can also find them at stores such as Walmart and Homesense.

I like letter boards because you can update them frequently and personalize it. 

I often will place monthly mottos on my letter boards. 

"God Will Work It Out" is a phrase I pulled from a scripture that an individual from my church gave me. No idea till this day who it was...HA!...but it has remained my motto for the past couple of months and continues to remind me whenever I feel discouraged to not worry because God Will Work It Out.

ITEM #2 - Mini Cork Bulletin Board (Dollarama)

Again, this item I purchased from Dollarama and it definitely did not cost more than $3.00.

I am sure there are bigger version available at stores such as Walmart and Staples, however this size was perfect for this space.

I decided to get a cork board instead of a whiteboard because it matched my space and I hate the residue whiteboards eventually produce.

I specifically use this cork board to post uplifting lyrics from songs that I need to be reminded of. 

The pins and large white pads I also got from Dollarama. Oh and a hack that I use in a different space is instead of pins I will use earrings...it works and looks real nice :D

Anywho, "I Am Surrounded By Your Goodness" is a lyric from the song Thank You by Maverick City Music. Anytime I look at this, especially when I feel like I am surrounded by the complete opposite of goodness I am reminded that no I AM surrounded by goodness and it leads me into a posture of thanksgiving.

"All Your Promises Are Yes and Amen" is a lyrics from the song Yes and Amen by House Fires. This specific phrase reminds me, especially when I am exhausted to rest and remember the promises of God for they are always yes and amen.

ITEM #3 - Random Decor (Dollarama)

Okay, so this wasn't planned so I don't actually have a name for it. 

I was walking down the aisle in, yup you guessed it Dollarama. They come in a set of three and are a bare wood colour.

I picked up a small bottle of paint and foam brushes and well pictured is the result.

Originally I was planning on using a stencil to write the phrase "Hope is Here" but then a friend of mine surprised me for my birthday with a bunch of decor that had scriptures and phrases on it.  So I placed one of them in this space instead and left those blocks bare and it ended up going with everything.

ITEM #4 - A Plant (Dollarama & Giant Tiger)

So I heard that plants provide oxygen and I said yes Lord I need some oxygen in my life...so I got a plant..HA! 

The plant is from Giant Tiger, another store that I love. They have some decent decor items and their prices aren't bad either.

The plant was under $5.00, actually I think it was like $3.97.

The plant pot and stand I got from Dollarama and for both it was under $5.00.

Inhales Oxygen
Exhales Oxygen
ITEM #5 - Journal/Notebook (Dollarama)

So I actually really love journals...probably as much as I love a good iron.

I love to write and I love processing thoughts.

So I added this notebook that I got from Dollarama to write in. 

Another store that I love to purchase journals from is Indigo...like I actually get excited whenever it is time to buy a new journal or someone gives me one. Like I actually get excited, it brings me so much joy.

So I encourage you to get one and start writing. It can be anything and that's what I love about writing there are no limits and boundaries which kind of touches that rebellious side of me...HA!

The end.

That's everything, perhaps in the future I will share with you some more self care tips and ways to manage your well-being because it's important. Perhaps you are like me and work in a field or have roles that can often be stressful or perhaps you are really having a hard time keeping well during this pandemic?

What are some things you can do to improve your space/environment? 

I would love to hear about them so feel free to comment below or connect with me through email and/or social media.

Stay safe  Be Well Be Still

Lots of love,



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