Home Isn’t a Place It is a Feeling


Home Isn’t a Place It is a Feeling.

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Apparently it snowed overnight...I had no idea until I opened my curtains. 

Get a London Fog because today is going to be a victorious day.

I took a long shower and did all the stuff us women do in the morning before we let anyone in the public see us. I then made my way to my closet and bundled up. After all this is The North you never know what is going to hit you weather wise once you step outside.

I opened the door
Stepped out 
Noted I was way too bundled 

“Good morning” *add country twang*
It was my neighbour greeting me. 
I smiled, responded and continued along my short trek.

Get him a coffee
Okay God

I arrived at the Tim Hortons only to realize I forgot my mask. 
- crap -
Pondered...I could either be - that - person using their scarf as a mask or I could just walk back and get my mask.
...I decided to walk back.

“I forgot my mask” 
I said to my neighbours - yes plural - because now everyone was coming outside to start their day. 
“We were wondering why you were back so quick” 
He reached into his pocket.
“Here take my mask”
I laughed 
“It’s okay I found one in my car”

Get them both a coffee
Okay God

Attempt number two

“After you ma’m”
It was a local holding the door for me.
“Thank you” I replied.

“Good morning can I have two medium Double Doubles, a medium London Fog and a Breakfast Sandwich but sausage...like still the cheese...but sausage” - cue social anxiety cringe and low key embarrassment hahahahaha

“No problem hun” the lady chuckled and smiled.

I got my order and began the short trek back home.
I started to tear up. 
It wasn’t because I was sad...I was tearing up because I was allowing myself to embrace and enjoy the moment. 
Embracing how this town and my neighbours continue to welcome me. 
They hold the door for me.
They greet me with smiles.
They want to share their COVID masks ahahaha

I embraced the moment.
I embraced Him.

“Alright I got two double doubles who wants it”
My neighbours had this brief 0.5 second shocked look on their face and I smiled.

“This is how we are starting our day” I replied
“Well now I wouldn’t mind one at all” *add the country twang*
“I’ll take one” *again add country twang*
“Thank you ma’m” *you guessed it...add country twang*

“You are welcome”

I walked towards my house.
This is going to be a victorious day.

Once inside I stopped and took a moment to reflect.

Home isn’t a place...home is a feeling.
Home is where you feel loved.
Home is where you are wanted.
Home is joy.
Home is laughter.
Home is care.

This is home and I love my neighbours.

*sips London Fog*
Ahhh so good like literally

Written in Orillia, Ontario
Robin Simpson

“Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness 
while I am here in the land of the living.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭27:13‬ ‭NLT‬‬


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